Ambitious cooking made simple


Rare ingredients in exact amounts. No more searching up & down the aisles.


Make impossible meals in under an hour. No special equipment needed.


Put a real showstopper on the table, then dive right in.

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Less Shopping more cooking

Fresh curry leaves. Galangal. Dosa batter. Sichuan pepper. Rose harissa. Dashi. Rice paper. Thai aubergines. Black chickpeas. Sumac. Mirin.

Between trawling through hundreds of recipes to find the one that works for you, shopping for an ever-expanding list of specialised ingredients, and then getting home and finding you just don't have the right pots and pans, being a foodie takes more effort than ever these days.

So we've done the hard work- creating and perfecting recipes, portioning all your rare spice blends, hard-to-get herbs and specialised chilli pastes into eco packaging, then making sure that you (yes, you!) can whip it up with your ordinary kitchen equipment.

It's all delivered to your door, fresh, cool and ready to cook right out of the box.

How it works


Take your pick from our weekly curated selection of global favourites.


Meals for two or four people. Pre-measured ingredients means zero food waste.


New feasts delivered to your door each week. Skip or pause at your leisure.


Clear recipes, tested for success. Take your cooking to the next level.

Alright, now I'm hungry !

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