The feast Box dinner party playlist

Our menus span all corners of the globe. So far, we've explored the delectable cuisines of Africa, Latin America, China, India, the Middle East, the Caribbean, South East Asia, Japan and Korea. A cracking lineup if we do say so ourselves... 

If you haven't already heard, at Feast Box HQ we've been busy wine pairing the Feast Box menu with the help of our friends at Virgin Wines. But that's not all we've been pairing. We’ve also put together a little dinner party playlist to showcase some of the best music to come out of these regions. Hopefully this inspires your next menu decision, perhaps it will even influence your next travel plans? 

Whatever you do, make sure to get some of this world music queued on your Alexa or Google Play (other devices are available) while you chop, peel, fry or steam and tuck into your hard-earned meal.

Click on the links to head to the artists' Spotify playlist


Recommended Menu Pairing:

  • Beef Bibimbap 

  • Korean Fried Tofu

  • Korean Pork Chops 


Recommended Menu Pairing:

  • Miso Aubergine

  • Duck Ramen 

  • Gyudon Doburi 

Recommended Menu Pairing:

  • Egyptian Koshari

  • Chickpea and Persian Lime Stew with Tahdig 

  • Lahma Bil Basal with bulgur wheat and baba ganoush

Recommended Menu Pairing:

  • Pork Dan Dan Noodles

  • Vegan Lo Mein 

  • Chinese Sticky Ribs

Recommended Menu Pairing:

  • Pork Vindaloo

  • Dal Makhani 

  • Prawn Masala 


Bob Marley and the Wailers - Three Little Birds

Dawn Penn - You don't love me 

Harry Belafonte - Jump in the line 

Recommended Menu Pairing:

  • Pilli Pilli Chicken Wings with Butternut Squash

  • Black Bean and Plantain Stew

  • Chicken Colombo

Recommended Menu Pairing:

  • Chicken and Chipotle Enchiladas 

  • Lomo Soltado

  • Ropa Vieja