Putting the ‘East’ into Feast Box

What is Eastern food?

Eastern cuisine refers to food from a variety of countries located east of Europe, in the near East, middle East and far East. This includes India, China, Turkey, Malaysia, Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and many more. 

Why do we specialise in Eastern food, what’s so special about it?

Eastern food is some of the most delicious food out there, as is clear from the many restaurants, takeaways, and ready meals devoted to it. Yet we so rarely cook it from scratch.

As the owners of Red Rickshaw, the UK’s largest online Asian market, we know our Eastern food and we’re all about authentic ingredients, having rare access to those that are usually hard to find. We want to share our knowledge and our passion. Our mission is to help you free up some time so that you can explore the possibilities of your own kitchen with confidence.

Isn’t Eastern food hard to make?

Yes, Eastern cuisine tends to be the most difficult to cook, as well as time consuming and requiring specialist ingredients that you can’t find in the supermarket. In fact, cooking authentic Eastern food seems more effort than travelling abroad and buying it from street markets!

Enter Feast Box...

We aim to spread the word about how Eastern food can be simple, quick and hassle free: no more endless quantity measuring or trawling unsuccessfully around specialist stores. In under half an hour, you can be serving gourmet Eastern cuisine in the comfort of your own home, while basking in the sights, sounds and smells of cooking it yourself.

Why is it so important that we make our own Eastern food?

We all want a regular taste of the East, yet the way we’re used to getting that taste isn’t healthy for our bodies or our wallets.

When you make a Feast Box recipe, you can be sure of the authenticity, you can be sure to save money, and you can be sure of every ingredient, as you’ve added it yourself! No nasty surprises along the way.

Won’t the same type of food get boring every week?

Asian food doesn't stay the same from town to town, or season to season, let alone across the entire continent (and beyond!). We're not offering you a single type of food, we're sharing tastes from many, hugely different traditions and cultures, all with their own approach to cooking whichever ingredients are accessible to them. And since every cook puts their own spin on their favourite dishes, you can be sure our master chefs won't ever stop concocting new surprises just for you. 

To be doubly sure, we change up our recipes each week so there’s always something new available!