Why Feast Box?

You may be wary of the new kids on the block, and we wouldn’t blame you. But, with so much to be gained from Feast Box, we really wouldn’t want you to miss out because of a little wariness. 

So, with our first blog post, we’d like to introduce ourselves. That means showing you what we’re about and what we can do for you.

Feast Box Provides Exclusively Eastern Cuisine 

If you’re not used to cooking exotic dishes, we know it can seem like a challenge. That’s why we’re dedicated to making the very best Eastern cuisine accessible to everyone to cook from home. When we say the very best, we do mean it - aromatic, perfectly spiced, and authentic, with our own unique twist. Each recipe is the perfect blend of tradition and innovation so, while we always remain true to a dish’s origin, we like to keep things exciting, contemporary, and invariably gourmet! 

Feast Box is a Healthier Choice

 Due to fattening ready meals and greasy takeaways, there is a common misconception that Eastern food is unhealthy. This is simply not true. Each Feast Box is packed full of goodness through beneficial herbs and spices, fresh vegetables, and protein-packed meat and fish. If you’ve been getting your fix of Eastern food through Chinese and Indian takeaways, you might be used to lots of oil, fats, and refined sugars, but we go easy on all that. Don’t forget that, with Feast Box, you’ll have the accomplishment of cooking, so you’ll know exactly what’s going into your dinner and there won’t be any nasty surprises when you start tucking in! 

Feast Box Makes Life Simpler 

Imagine a world where you no longer need measuring jugs or a spice cupboard taking up vital room in your kitchen. A world where there are no leftovers, and no more tears chopping onions. Furthermore, in this world, you can suddenly create restaurant-standard food for the whole family in under an hour. Feast Box makes this world a reality. Each box is delivered straight to your front door, all ingredients are pre-measured, all onions are pre-chopped, and you have exactly what you need per portion - so no need for storing any food or binning any ingredients. Our recipe cards can be followed by everyone so, whether you burn beans on toast or you’ve mastered Baked Alaska, Feast Box is for you. 

Nowhere Does Flavours Like Feast Box 

A lot of food companies include Eastern cuisine as part of their repertoire without really knowing anything about it. As they don’t know their spices, dishes are generally bland and taste nothing like they should do. Unlike them, Eastern food is our forte and we know a thing or two about making it right. Our exceedingly talented chefs meticulously plan and trial each dish, fresh takes on traditional Eastern cuisine. Each box is not complete without our own unique spice blends, to complete that ideally intense flavour. If you prefer milder tastes, then of course we have a variety of heat levels to choose from. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know us a little better. Of course, the only way you can really know what we’re about is by trying and tasting so why not give us a go? When you can cancel your subscription at anytime, what’s the harm? 

Happy Feasting!