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Gujarati Roasted Cauliflower Quick View
40 mins

Gujarati Roasted Cauliflower

Chunky fresh, typically vegetarian Gujarati dish with salty, spicy-hot flavour and fragrant fenugreek leaves.

Stir Fried Okra Quick View
40 mins

Stir Fried Okra

Creative Gujarati fry full of punchy spices and fresh, uninhibited flavours. With roti and zingy lime pickle.

Baked Persian Chicken Breasts Quick View
70 mins

Baked Persian Chicken Breasts

Spicy chicken and potato tray bake, caramelised red onion and a cosy helping of tomato-simmered green beans.

Beef Mince Pad Krapow Quick View
45 mins

Beef Mince Pad Krapow

The sweet funk of Thai basil in a meaty stir-fry, basking in herbal aromas of lime leaf and jasmine rice.

Grilled Beef Chapli Kebabs Quick View
50 mins

Grilled Beef Chapli Kebabs

Smoky, spicy Pashtun kebabs, with fluffy naan, flamboyant beetroot raita and a crisp, cooling Indian slaw.

Red Thai Curried Noodles Quick View
40 mins

Red Thai Curried Noodles

Thai curry paste shows off its versatility in these saucy noodles, topped with sesame-coated broccoli & tofu.

Harissa Vegetable Flatbreads Quick View
80 mins

Harissa Vegetable Flatbreads

Bright, sweet vegetables, nutty chickpeas and harissa baked flatbread, accompanied by crispy courgette fries.

Cauli Steaks & Channa Masala Quick View
35 mins

Cauli Steaks & Channa Masala

Assertively spicy cauliflower steps up to the plate, escorting our chickpea curry and artful, zesty salad.

Keema Muttar Flatbreads Quick View
25 mins

Keema Muttar Flatbreads

Italy has bolognese, India has keema muttar. Sauteed, simmered, spicy lamb mince with peas and all the extras.

Red Thai Prawn Curry with Sticky Jasmine Rice Quick View
35 mins

Red Thai Prawn Curry with Sticky Jasmine Rice

Tender prawns simmered in a spicy, fragrant thai sauce and served with jasmine rice.

Teriyaki Lamb Skewers Quick View
50 mins

Teriyaki Lamb Skewers

An umami-rich marinade brings this lamb to seared, meaty perfection, whether barbecuing or oven grilling.

Chicken Tikka Masala Quick View
35 mins

Chicken Tikka Masala

British curry's reigning champion, inspired by buttery, rich Punjabi home food. A warm hug from an old friend.

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