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Tandoori Paneer Sizzler Quick View
25 mins

Tandoori Paneer Sizzler

Grilled paneer and sweet peppers in a mouth-watering tandoori marinade, with a cooling yoghurt and herb dip.

Sri Lankan Okra Curry Quick View
40 mins

Sri Lankan Okra Curry

Fragrant, rich and hearty coconut sauce, with lush, fresh okra and zingy lime sending you to curry paradise.

Pilli Pilli Chicken Wings Quick View
50 mins

Pilli Pilli Chicken Wings

Chicken wings in bespoke Afro-Indian spicing and the double smokiness of whole roasted, cumin-infused squash.

Tandoori Fish Kebabs Quick View
30 mins

Tandoori Fish Kebabs

Flaky fish in a fiery coating jostles with a feisty & fresh chickpea salad, while raita calms them both down.

Chicken Tariwala Quick View
40 mins

Chicken Tariwala

Home-style Punjabi chicken in a punchy, rustic tomato gravy, with mushroom rice. Pure, unadulterated curry.

Sweet & Sour Tofu Quick View
30 mins

Sweet & Sour Tofu

The iconic Cantonese takeaway favourite, fully plant-based and glazed with Britain's favourite sticky sauce.

Vegetable and Lentil Pilaf Quick View
60 mins

Vegetable and Lentil Pilaf

Robust broth-steamed rice and lentils, with sumac roast veg, bright pomegranate seeds, and herby yoghurt.

Pork Larb Salad Quick View
45 mins

Pork Larb Salad

Zingy, minty-fresh Southeast Asian mince and young papaya salad. Light, fragrant and meaty all at once.

Mini Vegan Thali Quick View
70 mins

Mini Vegan Thali

A smorgasbord: succulent, intense baby aubergines, aromatic kidney bean curry and toasty cumin basmati rice.

Prawn Hakka Noodles Quick View
35 mins

Prawn Hakka Noodles

Prawns and fresh vegetables in a lip-smackingly spicy, exuberantly colourful Indian-Chinese noodle stir fry.

Beef Rendang & Sticky Rice Quick View
40 mins

Beef Rendang & Sticky Rice

Fragrantly marinated beef, simmered in coconut milk 'til richly dark. Curry fans— here is your next obsession.

Mongolian Lamb Stir Fry Quick View
45 mins

Mongolian Lamb Stir Fry

A misnomer: Taiwanese 'Mongolian' soy-marinated lamb in a stout, chunky stir-fry, served with earthy grains.

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