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Doodhi Channa Quick View
60 mins

Doodhi Channa

A pastel-green, squash-like Indian vegetable, simmered in fresh aromatic curry. Hearty, soothing, nutritious.

Crispy Sichuan Duck Leg Quick View
70 mins

Crispy Sichuan Duck Leg

Slow-roast duck coated in tingly, citric Sichuan pepper, with orange-infused sweet potato mash and pak choi.

Paneer Makhani Quick View
30 mins

Paneer Makhani

Diced cooking cheese seasoned and roasted tandoori-style, then simmered in a rich, buttery curry sauce.

Aubergine and Lentil Curry Quick View
35 mins

Aubergine and Lentil Curry

Meaty, impossibly fragrant winter warmer made entirely from plants, including 6 different whole spices.

Chicken Korma with Pilau Rice Quick View
30 mins

Chicken Korma with Pilau Rice

Nutty, mild yoghurt-turmeric curry coats our tender diced chicken breast. A full-bodied favourite.

Minted Chickpea-Potato Cakes Quick View
80 mins

Minted Chickpea-Potato Cakes

Chunky Lebanese fattoush, tangy tzatziki, and herby cakes with crispy breadcrumbs. A garden-fresh cornucopia.

Prawn Makhani with Pilau Rice Quick View
35 mins

Prawn Makhani with Pilau Rice

Butter chicken goes to the seaside. Fresh prawns, satisfying silky sauce. Smoky seafood flavour redefined.

Vegan Masala Dosas Quick View
70 mins

Vegan Masala Dosas

South India's perfect pancake. Crisp outside, pillowy spicy potato inside, soothing sambar, vibrant chutneys.

Lamb Mince & Lentil Pilaf Quick View
55 mins

Lamb Mince & Lentil Pilaf

Basmati, king of rice, is royally layered with lamb, puy lentils, roasted veg and a sumac-pomegranate crown.

Zahtar Chicken Kebabs Quick View
40 mins

Zahtar Chicken Kebabs

Savoury, spicy grilled meat, cool tzatziki, and a fresh Mediterranean salad of bulgur wheat, tomato and herbs.

Fish Manchurian Quick View
40 mins

Fish Manchurian

Desi-Chinese battered fish in a spicy, savoury and rich sauce blooming with pure aromas and fresh flavours.

Vietnamese Pork Pancake Quick View
80 mins

Vietnamese Pork Pancake

Lacy turmeric & coconut crêpes stuffed with savoury pork, crunchy, tangy veg, and a drizzling of chilli sauce.

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