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Baked Persian Chicken Breasts Quick View
70 mins

Baked Persian Chicken Breasts

Spicy chicken and potato tray bake, caramelised red onion and a cosy helping of tomato-simmered green beans.

Chicken Tariwala Quick View
40 mins

Chicken Tariwala

Home-style Punjabi chicken in a punchy, rustic tomato gravy, with mushroom rice. Pure, unadulterated curry.

Vegetable and Lentil Pilaf Quick View
60 mins

Vegetable and Lentil Pilaf

Robust broth-steamed rice and lentils, with sumac roast veg, bright pomegranate seeds, and herby yoghurt.

Cauli Steaks & Channa Masala Quick View
35 mins

Cauli Steaks & Channa Masala

Assertively spicy cauliflower steps up to the plate, escorting our chickpea curry and artful, zesty salad.

Harissa Vegetable Flatbreads Quick View
80 mins

Harissa Vegetable Flatbreads

Bright, sweet vegetables, nutty chickpeas and harissa baked flatbread, accompanied by crispy courgette fries.

Kung Po Chicken Quick View
35 mins

Kung Po Chicken

Chicken in a sticky soy-based glaze, tossed with tingly Sichuan pepper, chilli and toasty peanuts.

Molasses & Sesame Duck Quick View
30 mins

Molasses & Sesame Duck

A fruity glaze cuts through the rich, savoury intensity of roasted duck breast. Lavish, juicy and mellifluous.

Mini Vegan Thali Quick View
70 mins

Mini Vegan Thali

A smorgasbord: succulent, intense baby aubergines, aromatic kidney bean curry and toasty cumin basmati rice.

Tofu Tikka Masala Saag Quick View
40 mins

Tofu Tikka Masala Saag

Tofu reinvigorates a North Indian classic, bringing its natural freshness to the fore. With onion tarka rice.

Gujarati Jingha Quick View
30 mins

Gujarati Jingha

A subtly sweet-sour prawn curry, deeply infused with an array of signature spices. Served with roti breads.

Thai Steamed Fish & Som Tam Quick View
55 mins

Thai Steamed Fish & Som Tam

The delicate purity of steamed fish, balanced by the fresh, raw tang of som tam salad with green papaya.

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