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Masala Mogo Quick View
60 mins

Masala Mogo

Hearty cassava gets the Desi-Chinese treatment, slathered in spicy sauce and served with home-cooked papads.

Dan Dan Pork Noodles Quick View
30 mins

Dan Dan Pork Noodles

Sichuan's iconic street food. Tender wheat noodles, intense chilli oil sauce, and deeply savoury minced pork.

Chicken Chettinad Quick View
40 mins

Chicken Chettinad

Alfred Prasad makes chicken thigh sing with eclectic South Indian flavours, from fresh curry leaf to coconut.

Tandoori Fish Kebabs Quick View
30 mins

Tandoori Fish Kebabs

Flaky fish in a fiery coating jostles with a feisty & fresh chickpea salad, while raita calms them both down.

Prawn Masala Quick View
20 mins

Prawn Masala

Alfred Prasad celebrates his mother's Anglo-Indian cuisine, with tender prawns in an enriching, spicy sauce.

Mini Vegan Thali Quick View
70 mins

Mini Vegan Thali

A smorgasbord: succulent, intense baby aubergines, aromatic kidney bean curry and toasty cumin basmati rice.

Turkish Filo Pie Quick View
70 mins

Turkish Filo Pie

Flaky filo breaks, releasing saffron aromas from a chickpea, squash and spinach filling. With jewelled salad.

Filipino Lamb Adobo Quick View
70 mins

Filipino Lamb Adobo

Tender lamb strips in a garlicky, punchy soy sauce and vinegar braise, jasmine rice and mellow mango slaw.

Mushroom & Courgette Koftas Quick View
80 mins

Mushroom & Courgette Koftas

Vegan meatballs floating in the piquant chilli heat of harissa sauce. With fresh tabbouleh, a Levantine salad.

Chicken Laksa Quick View
30 mins

Chicken Laksa

Chicken soup for the bold. Elegant noodles fired up by punchy Southeast Asian curry and fragrant Thai basil.

Vietnamese Pork Pancake Quick View
80 mins

Vietnamese Pork Pancake

Lacy turmeric & coconut crêpes stuffed with savoury pork, crunchy, tangy veg, and a drizzling of chilli sauce.

Sweet & Sour Duck Breast Quick View
30 mins

Sweet & Sour Duck Breast

Tamarind's refined tang glazes tender, juicy skin-on duck. With elegant chilli tenderstem and shiitake rice.

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