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Sri Lankan Okra Curry Quick View
40 mins

Sri Lankan Okra Curry

Fragrant, rich and hearty coconut sauce, with lush, fresh okra and zingy lime sending you to curry paradise.

Quick View
30 mins

Korean Chicken Wings

Light yet warming, our lubia is accompanied with a typically Afghan salata of crisp summer vegetables as well as a simple, saffron-scented basmati rice pilaf

Gujarati Roasted Cauliflower Quick View
40 mins

Gujarati Roasted Cauliflower

Chunky fresh, typically vegetarian Gujarati dish with salty, spicy-hot flavour and fragrant fenugreek leaves.

Dan Dan Pork Noodles Quick View
30 mins

Dan Dan Pork Noodles

Sichuan's iconic street food. Tender wheat noodles, intense chilli oil sauce, and deeply savoury minced pork.

Chicken Biryani Quick View
50 mins

Chicken Biryani

Spicy marinated chicken and rice get married in a lavish ceremony, stewing slowly together in the same pan.

Koofteh Rizeh Quick View
60 mins

Koofteh Rizeh

Spiced meat is balanced by a soothing, sweet sauce and the tongue-tingling sumac onion accompaniment

Indonesian Chicken Satay Quick View
60 mins

Indonesian Chicken Satay

Chicken skewers in an explosive spicy-savoury-sweet marinade. With peanut sauce, simple fried rice and salad.

Vegetable and Lentil Pilaf Quick View
60 mins

Vegetable and Lentil Pilaf

Robust broth-steamed rice and lentils, with sumac roast veg, bright pomegranate seeds, and herby yoghurt.

Tofu Penang Quick View
45 mins

Tofu Penang

Refreshing lemongrass, galangal, Thai basil & lime add herbal zest to a Burmese chickpea tofu & green bean curry.

Crispy Jackfruit Pancakes Quick View
55 mins

Crispy Jackfruit Pancakes

The tender, deep savouriness of hoisin-marinated jackfruit in a delicate pancake garnished with bright greens.

Tandoori Tilapia Quick View
40 mins

Tandoori Tilapia

Fish & chips with minted peas, Punjabi style. Our tribute to the storied West Midlands 'Desi pub' tradition.

Beef Rendang & Sticky Rice Quick View
40 mins

Beef Rendang & Sticky Rice

Fragrantly marinated beef, simmered in coconut milk 'til richly dark. Curry fans— here is your next obsession.

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