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Masala Mogo (vegan) Quick View
60 mins

Masala Mogo (vegan)

Hearty cassava gets the Desi-Chinese treatment, slathered in spicy sauce and served with home-cooked papads.

Lamb Rogan Josh Quick View
45 mins

Lamb Rogan Josh

Popular Kashmiri curry. Lamb braised in a deep red, aromatic sauce, served with turmeric-rich pilau rice.

Masala Pork Chops Quick View
45 mins

Masala Pork Chops

Punchy 'gunpowder' sweet potatoes, silkily soothing spinach & chickpea curry, perfectly spiced pork chops.

Firecracker Chicken Quick View
35 mins

Firecracker Chicken

Eastern umami flavour bomb: chicken, mangetout & crisp water chestnuts in a spicy, anarchic red pepper sauce.

Grilled Beef Chapli Kebabs Quick View
50 mins

Grilled Beef Chapli Kebabs

Smoky, spicy Pashtun kebabs, with fluffy naan, flamboyant beetroot raita and a crisp, cooling Indian slaw.

Red Thai Veg Curry (vegan) Quick View
50 mins

Red Thai Veg Curry (vegan)

Green Thai aubergines and refreshing bamboo shoots keep Thailand's favourite fiery coconut curry on top.

Samosa Chaat (veggie) Quick View
25 mins

Samosa Chaat (veggie)

Chickpea curry plays host to samosa bites slathered in chutney & yoghurt and scattered with crispy sev.

Vegan Katsu Quick View
45 mins

Vegan Katsu

Crispy panko-coated aubergine fritters with fluffy rice and a full-bodied, alluringly silky Japanese-style curry sauce.

Tofu Penang (vegan) Quick View
45 mins

Tofu Penang (vegan)

Lemongrass, Thai basil, galangal & lime add herbal zest to a Burmese chickpea tofu & green bean curry.

Pork Vindaloo & Pilau Rice Quick View
55 mins

Pork Vindaloo & Pilau Rice

The true Goan recipe: pork marinated in garlic, vinegar & spices, braised 'til tender. Adjust chilli heat to your preference.

Indonesian Fish Fillet in Banana Leaf Quick View
50 mins

Indonesian Fish Fillet in Banana Leaf

This pepes ikan, leaf-steamed fish, is paired with chayote, a yielding, fruity squash popular in Indonesian cuisine.

Chicken Tikka Masala Quick View
35 mins

Chicken Tikka Masala

British curry's reigning champion, inspired by buttery, rich Punjabi home food. A warm hug from an old friend.

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