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Kale & Chickpea Moilee (vegan) Quick View
25 mins

Kale & Chickpea Moilee (vegan)

Delicate yet assertive vegetables in a coconut and curry leaf sauce. A vegan twist on the classic fish dish.

Beef Rendang & Sticky Rice Quick View
40 mins

Beef Rendang & Sticky Rice

Fragrantly marinated beef, simmered in coconut milk 'til richly dark. Curry fans— here is your next obsession.

Durban Mutton Meat Curry Quick View
60 mins

Durban Mutton Meat Curry

Indian curry, via South Africa. Plenty of chilli and no nonsense, with hearty mutton mince and chunky potato.

Jackfruit Hopper (vegan) Quick View
60 mins

Jackfruit Hopper (vegan)

A bowl-shaped, crispy-edged rice pancake cradles our refreshing, pick-me-up jackfruit & green bean curry.

Mallika's Murgh Makhanwala Quick View
65 mins

Mallika's Murgh Makhanwala

The Punjabi original of Britain's favourite masala. Tender, smoky chicken tikka in a creamy, piquant sauce.

Chicken Katsu Quick View
30 mins

Chicken Katsu

Crispy panko-breaded chicken breast served on Japanese-style curry sauce, with rice and an edamame bean salad.

Prawn Konkani Quick View
40 mins

Prawn Konkani

Tangy green mango and toasted coconut give this quick-fried South Indian prawn curry a distinctive tropical edge.

Ghalieh Mahi Quick View
25 mins

Ghalieh Mahi

Mouthwatering south Persian fish in a sweet, tangy and smoky tamarind & fenugreek sauce, served with buttered basmati.

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