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Persian Aubergine (vegan) Quick View
40 mins

Persian Aubergine (vegan)

'Adasi' lentil stew and turmeric rice make a warm, toasty cushion for zingy sumac aubergine steaks to rest on.

Firecracker Chicken Quick View
35 mins

Firecracker Chicken

Eastern umami flavour bomb: chicken, mangetout & crisp water chestnuts in a spicy, anarchic red pepper sauce.

Chicken Penang Quick View
25 mins

Chicken Penang

Plenty of tender chicken breast in a coconut curry, flavoured with a balance of dried spices and fresh Thai herbs.

Saliha's Mango & Chicken Curry Quick View
45 mins

Saliha's Mango & Chicken Curry

Masterchef winner Saliha Ahmed has whipped up a chicken curry fit for an emperor, tangy with green mango.

Korean Chicken Wings Quick View
25 mins

Korean Chicken Wings

Chicken wings in a sticky, spicy 'yangnyeom' glaze, scattered with crushed peanuts and served with rice & pak choi.

Georgian BBQ Pork Quick View
40 mins

Georgian BBQ Pork

Subtly spice-marinated, skewered pork with bright, garlicky tomato & pepper satsebeli (dipping sauce) and pita bread.

Samosa Chaat (veggie) Quick View
25 mins

Samosa Chaat (veggie)

Chickpea curry plays host to samosa bites slathered in chutney & yoghurt and scattered with crispy sev.

Mapo Tofu with Pork Quick View
30 mins

Mapo Tofu with Pork

The soft caress of silky tofu meets chilli-stewed pork's fiery kick. An explosion of satisfying savouriness.

Saliha's Lamb Manty Quick View
45 mins

Saliha's Lamb Manty

Fold your own meltingly tender, warmly spiced dumplings served with dollops of rich tomato sauce and sour cream.

Lamb Gozleme Quick View
50 mins

Lamb Gozleme

Bake your own thin, lightly charred stuffed flatbread with a hearty lamb filling and a yoghurt dip on the side.

Saliha Ahmed's Baked Fish Korma Quick View
25 mins

Saliha Ahmed's Baked Fish Korma

Saliha Ahmed combines tradition and modernity with this balanced, creamy and opulent saffron-scented fish korma.

Gyudon with Lotus Root Crisps Quick View
40 mins

Gyudon with Lotus Root Crisps

This savoury beef & onion stew is modern Japan's most popular rice bowl. With lotus root crisps & miso soup.

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