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Stir Fried Okra (vegan) Quick View
40 mins

Stir Fried Okra (vegan)

Creative Gujarati fry full of punchy spices and fresh, uninhibited flavours. With roti and zingy lime pickle.

Crispy Jackfruit Pancakes (vegan) Quick View
55 mins

Crispy Jackfruit Pancakes (vegan)

The tender, deep savouriness of hoisin-marinated jackfruit in a delicate pancake garnished with bright greens.

Lamb Lahmacun Quick View
60 mins

Lamb Lahmacun

Minced lamb, peppers & harissa spread over delectably thin, crispy flatbread. With home-made baba ganoush.

Egyptian Koshari (vegan) Quick View
25 mins

Egyptian Koshari (vegan)

Mixed pasta & puy lentils topped with a sharp and spicy tomato sauce, crispy onions and earthy beetroot.

Beef Bulgogi Quick View
45 mins

Beef Bulgogi

A Korean barbecue classic. Thinly sliced beef in a tenderising soy sauce marinade, with jasmine rice and onion wedges.

Chicken Dhansak Quick View
40 mins

Chicken Dhansak

Braised chicken mingled with nutty channa dal in a comforting stew, with a sharp, tangy salad and roti on the side.

Cabbage Manchurian Quick View
110 mins

Cabbage Manchurian

Grated vegetable fritters dunked in lip-smacking Indian-Chinese fusion chilli sauce, served on top of Hakka noodles.

Chinese Poached Chicken Rice Quick View
45 mins

Chinese Poached Chicken Rice

Delicately poached, utterly succulent chicken in a ginger-spring onion sauce, with broth-cooked rice and pak choi.

Indonesian Fish Fillet in Banana Leaf Quick View
50 mins

Indonesian Fish Fillet in Banana Leaf

This pepes ikan, leaf-steamed fish, is paired with chayote, a yielding, fruity squash popular in Indonesian cuisine.

Stir Fried Udon with Prawns Quick View
25 mins

Stir Fried Udon with Prawns

Slurpable, bouncy wheat noodles tossed with prawns and mangetout, slick with a savoury, aromatic and spicy sauce.

Sticky Korean Pork Chops Quick View
45 mins

Sticky Korean Pork Chops

Smoky Korean chilli paste is a decadent marinade for these meaty chops, served with a quick cucumber pickle and spicy broccoli.

Korean Fried Tofu (vegan) Quick View
25 mins

Korean Fried Tofu (vegan)

Pan-fried tofu in a sticky, spicy 'yangnyeom' glaze, scattered with crushed peanuts and served with rice & pak choi.

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