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Chicken Biryani Quick View
50 mins

Chicken Biryani

Spicy marinated chicken and rice get married in a lavish ceremony, stewing slowly together in the same pan.

Tandoori Chicken Breast Quick View
40 mins

Tandoori Chicken Breast

Tandoori chicken goes gourmet on a plinth of mustardy mash, with vibrant greens and spicy-sweet chutney.

Sri Lankan Okra Curry (vegan) Quick View
40 mins

Sri Lankan Okra Curry (vegan)

Fragrant, rich and hearty coconut sauce, with lush, fresh okra and zingy lime sending you to curry paradise.

Malabari Fish Curry Quick View
30 mins

Malabari Fish Curry

Coley fillets in an intriguingly sweet smelling, zesty and smooth South Indian sauce, with basmati rice.

Georgian BBQ Pork Quick View
40 mins

Georgian BBQ Pork

Subtly spice-marinated, skewered pork with bright, garlicky tomato & pepper satsebeli (dipping sauce) and pita bread.

Ajapsandali Quick View
50 mins


Ratatouille who? A luscious Georgian veg stew bursting with Mediterranean flavour, topped with zingy feta.

Beef Mafe Quick View
40 mins

Beef Mafe

Diced beef in a smooth Senegalese peanut and tomato braise. Profoundly nutty, beefy and bursting with flavour.

Kabuli Mutton Pulao Quick View
40 mins

Kabuli Mutton Pulao

Afghanistan’s national dish, with braised mutton mince hugged by a heaping of basmati rice, carrot, almonds & raisins.

Roasted Cauliflower with Jewelled Cous Cous (vegan) Quick View
40 mins

Roasted Cauliflower with Jewelled Cous Cous (vegan)

Charred, meaty roast cauliflower on tahini sauce, with raw tomato dressing and pomegranate-studded couscous.

Vegan Jiaozi Dumplings Quick View
50 mins

Vegan Jiaozi Dumplings

Two kinds of shiitake mushroom lend intense umami to our plant-based dumplings. With chilli oil & black vinegar to dip.

Sticky Korean Pork Chops Quick View
45 mins

Sticky Korean Pork Chops

Smoky Korean chilli paste is a decadent marinade for these meaty chops, served with a quick cucumber pickle and spicy broccoli.

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