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Kala Channa Masala (vegan) Quick View
30 mins

Kala Channa Masala (vegan)

Nutty black chickpeas and sweet potato in a typically Gujarati curry. Humble, but it boasts a lot of flavour.

Crispy Sichuan Duck Leg Quick View
60 mins

Crispy Sichuan Duck Leg

Slow-roast duck coated in tingly, citric Sichuan pepper, with orange-infused sweet potato mash and pak choi.

Chicken Thigh Tagine Quick View
60 mins

Chicken Thigh Tagine

Comfortingly chunky North African stew. Savoury, sour, spicy and subtly sweet. Served with giant couscous.

Vegetable and Lentil Pilaf (vegan) Quick View
60 mins

Vegetable and Lentil Pilaf (vegan)

Robust broth-steamed rice and lentils, with sumac roast veg, bright pomegranate seeds, and herby yoghurt.

Dan Dan Pork Noodles Quick View
30 mins

Dan Dan Pork Noodles

Sichuan's iconic street food. Tender wheat noodles, intense chilli oil sauce, and deeply savoury minced pork.

Sri Lankan Lamb Hopper Quick View
50 mins

Sri Lankan Lamb Hopper

An edible pancake bowl (easier than it looks!) curled around a fragrant, meltingly tender lamb & aubergine curry.

Burmese Chicken Curry Quick View
35 mins

Burmese Chicken Curry

Lemongrass-infused chicken thighs in a gentle, creamy curry, served with coconut-steamed jasmine rice.

Vegan Miso Ramen Quick View
50 mins

Vegan Miso Ramen

Shiitake & miso richness infuses a noodle soup. With crispy tofu, lotus root and pak choy. Pretty, but robust.

Yellow Thai Fish Curry Quick View
35 mins

Yellow Thai Fish Curry

Succulent coley and tender Thai aubergines in mild coconut curry. Sweetly scented surface, hearty depth below.

Vegetable Wonton Soup Quick View
55 mins

Vegetable Wonton Soup

Crunchy water chestnut, pak choi and savoury shiitake stuffed soup dumplings in a clear, clean-tasting broth.

Vietnamese Vegan Pancake Quick View
60 mins

Vietnamese Vegan Pancake

Sizzling, lacy-edged turmeric & rice flour pancakes stuffed with a rainbow riot of veg drizzled with tangy Vietnamese dressing.

Aubergine Beef Kofta Rolls Quick View
60 mins

Aubergine Beef Kofta Rolls

Iraqi casserole of tender meatballs wrapped in aubergine and baked with a hearty tomato-almond sauce.

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