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Crispy Jackfruit Pancakes (vegan) Quick View
55 mins

Crispy Jackfruit Pancakes (vegan)

The tender, deep savouriness of hoisin-marinated jackfruit in a delicate pancake garnished with bright greens.

Lamb Lahmacun Quick View
60 mins

Lamb Lahmacun

Minced lamb, peppers & harissa spread over delectably thin, crispy flatbread. With home-made baba ganoush.

Egyptian Koshari (vegan) Quick View
25 mins

Egyptian Koshari (vegan)

Mixed pasta & puy lentils topped with a sharp and spicy tomato sauce, crispy onions and earthy beetroot.

Pork Vindaloo & Pilau Rice Quick View
55 mins

Pork Vindaloo & Pilau Rice

The true Goan recipe: pork marinated in garlic, vinegar & spices, braised 'til tender. Adjust chilli heat to your preference.

Indonesian Chicken Satay Quick View
60 mins

Indonesian Chicken Satay

Chicken skewers in an explosive spicy-savoury-sweet marinade. With peanut sauce, simple fried rice and salad.

Spinach & Tofu Borek (vegan) Quick View
70 mins

Spinach & Tofu Borek (vegan)

A vegan take on a Turkish street food favourite. Spiral-shaped pastry with a cheesy, satisfying spinach & tofu filling.

Cabbage Manchurian Quick View
110 mins

Cabbage Manchurian

Grated vegetable fritters dunked in lip-smacking Indian-Chinese fusion chilli sauce, served on top of Hakka noodles.

Salmon in Black Bean Sauce Quick View
45 mins

Salmon in Black Bean Sauce

Prepare your own black bean sauce from scratch, paired with show-stopping salmon for a luxurious mid-week meal.

Dongan Chicken Quick View
25 mins

Dongan Chicken

Slivers of lip-smacking stir-fried chicken scattered with tingly Sichuan pepper and laced with fiery strands of fresh chilli.

Miso Aubergine (vegan) Quick View
30 mins

Miso Aubergine (vegan)

Deeply comforting miso shines in this simply buttery glazed aubergine dish, with lightly tangy cucumber.

Duck Ramen Quick View
30 mins

Duck Ramen

Juicy pan-fried duck breast, pak choi and bouncy noodles in a smoky, tantalising, Tokyo-style shoyu ramen broth.

Beef Bimibap Quick View
45 mins

Beef Bimibap

Our hearty, nutritious one-bowl meal of rice, vegetables, gochujang and other side dishes

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