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Masala Pork Chops Quick View
45 mins

Masala Pork Chops

Punchy 'gunpowder' sweet potatoes, silkily soothing spinach & chickpea curry, perfectly spiced pork chops.

Sunehri Bhindi & Roti Breads (veggie) Quick View
60 mins

Sunehri Bhindi & Roti Breads (veggie)

Glossy amber sauce turns tender okra into a dish fit for a king. With kachumber salad, lime pickle and roti.

Lamb Pepper Fry Quick View
35 mins

Lamb Pepper Fry

Juicy lamb strips coated in black pepper, stir-fried to soften its spicy heat and unlock complex aromas.

Prawn Masala Quick View
20 mins

Prawn Masala

Alfred Prasad celebrates his mother's Anglo-Indian cuisine, with tender prawns in an enriching, spicy sauce.

Lebanese Chicken Legs Quick View
60 mins

Lebanese Chicken Legs

Maghmour, a chickpea-based Lebanese take on moussaka, with spice-rubbed roast chicken legs and bulgur.

Chicken Pastilla Quick View
45 mins

Chicken Pastilla

with udon noodles

Beef & Mushroom Dashi Stew Quick View
45 mins

Beef & Mushroom Dashi Stew

with udon noodles

Vietnamese Vegan Pancake Quick View
50 mins

Vietnamese Vegan Pancake

Ratatouille who? A luscious Georgian veg stew bursting with Mediterranean flavour, topped with zingy feta.

Turkish Gozleme (vegan) Quick View
50 mins

Turkish Gozleme (vegan)

Bake your own thin, lightly charred stuffed flatbread with a hearty filling and a vegan yoghurt dip on the side.

Roasted Cauliflower with Jewelled Cous Cous Quick View
30 mins

Roasted Cauliflower with Jewelled Cous Cous

The iconic Cantonese takeaway favourite, fully plant-based and glazed with Britain's favourite sticky sauce.

Aubergine Kofta Rolls Quick View
25 mins

Aubergine Kofta Rolls

Traditional Korean cuisine is so full of tasty vegetable dishes, and so easily adapted

Korean Fried Tofu (vegan) Quick View
25 mins

Korean Fried Tofu (vegan)

Pan-fried tofu in a sticky, spicy 'yangnyeom' glaze, scattered with crushed peanuts and served with rice & pak choi.

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