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Gujarati Roasted Cauliflower Quick View
40 mins

Gujarati Roasted Cauliflower

Chunky fresh, typically vegetarian Gujarati dish with salty, spicy-hot flavour and fragrant fenugreek leaves.

Masala Mogo (vegan) Quick View
60 mins

Masala Mogo (vegan)

Hearty cassava gets the Desi-Chinese treatment, slathered in spicy sauce and served with home-cooked papads.

Beef Madras Quick View
35 mins

Beef Madras

The original extra-spicy curry house favourite, inspired by the fresh, fragrant flavours of coastal South India.

Lamb Mince & Lentil Pilaf Quick View
55 mins

Lamb Mince & Lentil Pilaf

Basmati, king of rice, is royally layered with lamb, puy lentils, roasted veg and a sumac-pomegranate crown.

Steamed Chicken & Shiitake Quick View
45 mins

Steamed Chicken & Shiitake

with Jasmine rice

Georgian Satsivi Quick View
60 mins

Georgian Satsivi

Chicken braised in a creamy, toasty walnut sauce with hints of cumin & paprika. With quick-pickled broccoli and pita bread.

Vegan Buddha Bowl Quick View
50 mins

Vegan Buddha Bowl

Playful yet nutritious rice bowl. Miso roast tofu, sautéed shiitake, and crisp veg in a soy-sesame dressing.

Hunan Pork Belly Quick View
40 mins

Hunan Pork Belly

A recipe for true spice fiends! Tender pork belly and buttery aubergines face up to the heat of 3 kinds of chilli.

Sayadeya & Bulgur Wheat Quick View
60 mins

Sayadeya & Bulgur Wheat

Flaky white fish poached in a smoky, garlicky tomato sauce, topped with crispy zahtar onions and served with bulgur wheat.

Musakhan Vegetables Quick View
45 mins

Musakhan Vegetables


Vegan Jiaozi Dumplings Quick View
50 mins

Vegan Jiaozi Dumplings

Two kinds of shiitake mushroom lend intense umami to our plant-based dumplings. With chilli oil & black vinegar to dip.

Green Thai Chicken Noodle Soup Quick View
40 mins

Green Thai Chicken Noodle Soup

Rice noodle soups are not just from Malaysia or Vietnam. In Thailand, such dishes are usually found hiding in plain sight.

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