If you want to explore the world, start with your kitchen.

About Us

Where It Began

Growing up in a large Indian family, life revolved around the kitchen. I would spend hours sitting with my grandmother as she dreamed up dishes that could serve a table of 15 or more on a daily basis, finding hundreds of ways to combine ingredients and conjure flavours.I appointed myself her sous chef and Chief Taster. I would take every opportunity I could to learn more about cooking… and eating! 

 Years later, my mum gave me a neatly divided spice kit before I set off for university, a real rite of passage for me. With a modest budget, some pots and pans and that magical little tin, I managed to turn our humble uni kitchen into a riot of colours, fragrances and flavours— spicing up pasta, jazzing up beans on toast and stir-frying like an Indian. I was astounded at how many of my friends had never even heard of ingredients like tamarind and turmeric, let alone knew how to cook with them.

Evolving Ideas

In 2012 I started Red Rickshaw, now the largest online Asian grocery store in the UK. I was sharing my appreciation for the world of Asian cooking by making my favourite ingredients much more accessible across the UK. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was only halfway there. 

As Red Rickshaw grew and I became a mother, life began to get in the way of great meals. Cooking stopped feeling magical, dulling into an everyday chore. I was sourcing rarer and rarer ingredients for Red Rickshaw, but I had no time to experiment with them myself.

Feast Box

I believe everyone should be able to carve out some time to truly enjoy their evening meal and learn something in the process. The world of food is so diverse and it seems a shame to let a lack of convenience, inspiration or confidence in the kitchen hold you back from trying new things.

We spend countless hours sourcing and preparing the best ingredients, writing and re-writing recipes, so that you can cook the world’s tastiest dishes in your own kitchen, using the basic pots & pans you already own.

As Feast Box has grown, our taste buds have wandered around the world, delving into the vibrant cuisines of Africa, Latin America, China, India, the Middle East, the Caribbean, South East Asia, Japan, Korea and Eastern Europe. No matter how unfamiliar the ingredients we send you, you’ll find every recipe easy to follow and every dish you cook satisfying and flavourful.


To help people enjoy the pleasure of global cuisines at their most authentic, nutritious and responsible. 

Here’s how:


We have a dedicated commitment to making Feast Box as environmentally friendly as possible. Currently, the majority of our materials are recyclable or reusable. To name a few, our insulation material is made from recycled denim offcuts, our ice packs are reusable and our pods, box & paper bags are recyclable. 

 Through our proud partnership with Give Back Box, you can recycle the cardboard boxes we send you, while also donating to those in need. It’s a pretty simple process: all you need to do is fill your empty Feast Box with unwanted clothing, shoes, books— anything that will bring joy to someone’s life. Then print off a label using this link: Give Back Box Label, drop the box at your nearest CollectPlus and send it (free of charge) to your charity of choice. Head to the Feast Box blog for more details on this. We really want to encourage all our customers to do this when possible, so as a little incentive we’ll offer 10% off your next box!  


To us, authenticity means bringing the joy, novelty, and excitement back into your kitchen, feeling connected to the rest of the world and being involved in an ongoing story. We’re a team that’s passionate about everything that encompasses food. We celebrate the origins of the ingredients, the rich history of a recipe and the culture it comes from. A good recipe is a precious heirloom— it needs to be treasured and handled with care, not simplified or compromised. 

 Our goal is that when you next go travelling, you actively seek out the local delicacies and get inspired to try them at home— without the faff of tracking down those hard to find ingredients or combing through tons of recipes to find one that actually works. 


The beauty of specialising in global cuisines is the vibrant array of vegetables, spices, herbs and proteins that we get to include on the Feast Box menu. While this makes our recipes undeniably delicious, it also means that they’re packed full of diverse nutrients. 

 Something we’re proud to shout about is our vast selection of tasty vegetarian and vegan options. As a world food focused recipe box, part of our mission is to show that veganism isn't a flash-in-the-pan trend, it's an ethos that's been followed in many forms all over the world for centuries. Our recipes show off the versatility of plant-based ingredients like tofu, jackfruit and lentils, which deserve to be enjoyed in their own right, not just as 'meat substitutes'.  

Fighting Food Waste

As a team of passionate foodies, we know that the sustainable future of food is paramount. Food waste is one of the most notable contributors to climate change. Our Feast Boxes contain pre-measured fresh ingredients, herbs and spices so that you can keep food waste to an absolute minimum when you cook our tasty recipes. 

Ethical Sourcing

We’re picky about our suppliers of fish and meat. We take care to ensure that our boxes contain responsibly sourced goods. Our suppliers dedicate a conscientious approach to the challenge of sustainable farming and adopt this ethos as fundamental to their business. 

Chicken/Turkey/Duck: we're proud to work with a multi-award winning British supplier, boasting a string of prestigious industry awards, including Great Taste Supplier and Label Anglais. They are devotees of the ‘field to fork’ philosophy, and source food and bedding of the highest quality from local producers, including the neighbouring arable farmer who provides feed oats and the subsequent straw for bedding. 

Better Chicken Commitment: We're proud to announce that Feast Box has adopted the Better Chicken Commitment. 100% of the chicken in our entire supply chain will meet all the standards or exceed it by 2026 at the latest.  We will review this Animal Welfare Policy on an annual basis. Read more about the Better Chicken Commitment here.

Beef/Lamb/Pork: based on a farm in the North West of England, our suppliers work with agriculture experts to provide consistent and trustworthy quality. Holding a 10 year SALSA accreditation, our supplier has ensured that the highest of standards be intrinsic to their work. 

 Feast Box is a climate-smart enterprise. As specialists in global cuisines, many of our recipes contain ingredients that grow seasonally in their country of origin. Farming seasonally means that these farms aren’t forced to use high quantities of harmful pesticides or  fertilisers, and can save on the energy wasted on growing produce and keeping it 'fresh' in cold storage.