About Us

Growing up in a large Indian family, life revolved around the kitchen. I would spend hours sitting with my grandmother as she dreamed up dishes that could serve a table of 15 or more, finding hundreds of ways to combine ingredients and conjure flavours.

I appointed myself her sous chef and chief taste tester. I would take every opportunity I could to learn more about cooking… and eating!

Years later, my mum gave me her own neatly divided spice kit before I set off for university, a real rite of passage for me. With a modest budget, a few pots and pans and that magical little tin, I managed to turn our humble uni kitchen into a riot of colours, fragrances and flavours— spicing up pasta, jazzing up beans on toast and stir-frying like an Indian. I was astounded at how many of my friends had never even heard of ingredients like tamarind and turmeric, let alone knew how to cook with them.

So I started Red Rickshaw, now the largest online Asian grocery store in the UK. I was sharing my appreciation for the world of Asian cooking by making my favourite ingredients much more accessible across the UK. However, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was only halfway there.

As Red Rickshaw grew and I became a mother, life began to get in the way of great meals. Cooking stopped feeling magical, dulling into an everyday chore. I was sourcing rarer and rarer ingredients for Red Rickshaw, but I had no time to experiment with them myself.

My idea of Feast Box was born.

I believe everyone should be able to carve out an hour or two to truly enjoy their evening meal and to learn something in the process. We spend countless hours sourcing and preparing the best ingredients, writing and re-writing recipes, so that you can cook Asian & Middle Eastern food in your own kitchen with the equipment that you already own. No matter how unfamiliar the ingredients we send you, you’ll find every recipe easy to follow and every dish you cook satisfying and flavourful.

So if you want to explore the world, start with your kitchen.

Happy Feasting!

Jyoti Patel