Signing up

  • How does Feast Box work?
  • What is a flexible subscription?
  • How much does each box cost?
  • What is included in my delivery?
  • So that's my first box. What happens next?

It’s simple! You choose your favourite tasty dishes from our always-changing selection, specifying how many people you’re cooking for and how many recipes you want. Then sign up to a commitment-free subscription. We’ll deliver your first order on your chosen date, containing all the pre-measured ingredients and spices needed to cook along with our recipe cards. What happens next is up to you.

Most of our customers receive a new Feast Box every week, whether they choose their own recipes or let our system curate their selection according to their stated preferences. But if you’d rather not receive one in any given week, it only takes a single click to skip any of your upcoming boxes. You’re also free to pause or cancel your subscription at any time. We get your order for next week ready every Wednesday morning, so make sure you're happy with your next box before Tuesday at midnight (don't worry, we'll keep you up-to-date via email)

Depends on what you’re cooking! Our prices change depending on the recipe and how many people you're cooking for, so you can build each box to suit you and your lucky dining companions. We cater to all preferences, whether you’re looking for weeknight comfort food, an exciting date night dinner, or a showstopping dish to impress your mates. Each recipe is priced according to the number and nature of its ingredients.

You’ll receive a recipe card with the instructions for cooking each of your recipes, and you’ll also receive all the ingredients. Goods that need to stay chilled (like meat and dairy) can be found in the fluffy-looking pouch, so make sure you open that up— it’s not just for show (it’s made from recycled cotton offcuts). You’ll find little recyclable pods for all your spices and seasonings, a paper bag containing your vegetables, plus any other bits and pieces you’ll need. All you'll need to supply is oil, salt, your basic pots and pans, and yourself.

After your first order, it's all up to you. You can customise your recipes and other preferences, throw in some of our add-ons and drinks, or entirely skip your upcoming box. We start getting your order for next week ready every Wednesday morning, so make sure you're happy with your next box before then (don't worry, we'll keep you up-to-date via email). Or, if you'd prefer, you can leave us to sort it out for you— we'll send you a box based on your existing preferences, with our chefs' chosen recipes from the week's menu. So if you sign up for three vegan recipes for two people once a week, that's what you'll get. We curate our menu carefully, so don't worry, you won't receive the same recipes week after week (but you can choose your favourites whenever they're on the menu, if you'd like).

                      Our menu

  • How often does the menu change?
  • How many recipes can I order?
  • How many people can I order for?
  • What are ‘add-ons’?

All 12 recipes on the menu are replaced with 12 different ones every Sunday. We’ve got hundreds of recipes to choose from, and we’re always developing more. Each week is carefully curated, making sure that there’ll always be a mix of the comfortingly familiar and the daringly different.

You can order a minimum of two recipes, or a maximum of four. So whether you’re looking to make a few special dinners, or you want enough food to keep you going all the way through a busy week, we’ve got you covered. All our recipes stay fresh for at least four days, but if you’ve ordered fish, you might want to cook it first, as there’s nothing better than fish that’s fresh as can be.

All our meals come in two or four person portions. Unfortunately we can't offer 1 person portions at present, as we wouldn't be able to send many of our ingredients fresh and in good condition if we did so— for example, if we halved a whole aubergine. If you are cooking for yourself, we recommend making a 2-person portion and saving half in the fridge for lunch or dinner the next day.

Each week we curate a tailored selection of foodie extras that pair well with your chosen recipes, from naan bread to drinks to sushi rolling mats. All of our recipes offer a full, nutritionally balanced (and occasionally indulgent) meal in themselves. But if you want a bit more of a party, or if you simply can’t eat without at least two good chutneys on the table, then we’re here for you.

                      Diet & nutrition

  • Is Feast Box suitable for vegans and vegetarians?
  • Is your food suitable for gluten-free diets and those with allergies?

We have a varied selection of vegan and vegetarian recipes every week, including a guaranteed four vegan recipes at minimum. You can easily filter our menu by either of these preferences. We’re passionate about plant-based eating, and we apply the same standards of authenticity and full flavour to our vegan meals as we do to all our others. As a world food focused recipe box, part of our mission is to show that veganism isn't a flash-in-the-pan trend, it's an ethos that's been followed in many forms all over the world for centuries. Our recipes show off the versatility of plant-based ingredients like tofu, jackfruit and lentils, which deserve to be enjoyed in their own right, not just as 'meat substitutes'.

Due to the nature of our warehouse and our suppliers’ packing processes, we can’t guarantee that any of our recipes are 100% gluten or allergen free— please note the disclaimer at the bottom of every page. But clicking on a recipe allows you to view the general nutrition and ingredient information so you can avoid non-trace amounts of certain ingredients.


  • How are items kept fresh, especially chilled items like meat and seafood?
  • Which parts of your packaging are recyclable?

Our boxes come with an insulated sleeve of recycled cotton offcuts, which keeps perishable items fresh and cold for forty eight hours at minimum. Still, once you receive your box, we recommend putting everything that benefits from fridge storage into your fridge, making sure that all your ingredients will be as fresh as they possibly can be when you use them.

Most of it, and we’re working on the rest. Our insulation for chilled goods is made of recycled offcuts from the cotton & denim industry. You can recycle the outer sleeve, and reuse the fluffy material inside. Our box & paper bags (basically, anything brown) are recyclable, as are our gel packs. First pour the gel down the sink (it's non-toxic) and then place the pack in the recycling. If you'd prefer, you could reuse them, especially for your summer picnics. For some of our harder-to-find items, we might not always be able to source them in recyclable packaging (we could repack them, but that wouldn’t solve the problem). But we’ll always choose the eco-friendly solution where available, and if there isn’t one we’ll keep working on developing it.


  • Where do you deliver?
  • On what days do you deliver?
  • Do I have to be home to receive my box?

We deliver everywhere on the UK mainland. That means England, Wales, Scotland (including the Scottish Highlands) and Northern Ireland. At this time, however, we are not able to fulfill deliveries to offshore areas such as the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands or the Isles of Scilly. Harder to reach areas in the Scottish Highlands and Northern Ireland may take a day longer, but don’t worry, your ingredients will still be fresh and ready to use straight out of the box!

We deliver on Wednesday and Friday each week, between 9am and 6pm. On the morning of your chosen delivery day, you’ll receive a text from our courier specifying your 1 hour time slot. If you’ve got a special dinner planned, we recommend ordering your box for the day before, so that you’ve got plenty of time to cook on the day.

If you aren't home, our couriers will leave your box in a designated safe place (at your own risk) so that it's waiting for you when you return, rather than being returned to the depot and losing its freshness. Our chilled goods stay fresh inside their insulation for forty eight hours at minimum.

                      Get in touch

If you have an issue with your order, you can contact us via the green button in the bottom left corner of your screen. If we’re currently unavailable, please leave your query, name and email address and we will get back to you as soon as we can. It would be really helpful if you could attach a few pictures clearly showing the problem so that we can quickly address it.

Don’t see your query covered here? Please contact us at or call us on +44 20 3950 3449. Current customers can rate their recipes on their Review page, which helps us to bring you your favourite recipes each week and informs our current recipe development. If you’d like to show off your food, tag us on Instagram (@feastboxuk, #cookwithoutlimits).