Let Life Flow

Feast Box gives you everything you need to cook adventurous dishes from around the world— the last thing you need is a nasty pipe blockage ruining the flow of your evening. We've teamed up with Thames Water to show you how easy it is to "bin it— don't block it" and keep the good times flowing.

Not sure what to do after you've cooked your Feast Box masterpiece? Here's some simple tips to help make sure your cooking dreams don't turn into plumbing nightmares. 

How to bin it:

1. Scrape dirty plates into the bin, not down the sink

2. Wipe out oily pans with kitchen roll or newspaper

3.  Let fats & oils cool, then put them 

in the bin

Try placing cooled oil in a container before binning it— a used pickle jar, yoghurt pot, tin can or milk carton would work nicely.

Even a small amount of fat left in your pan can cause big problems later on— try wiping it off with kitchen towel before doing the washing up.

Don't worry, once you've got the hang of it, it's just one of those little things you do every day to keep life flowing smoothly.

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Why Feast Box?

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