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Crispy Pork Belly Quick View
165 mins

Crispy Pork Belly

For those with a bit more time on their hands, this marinated, slow-roast pork is fatty, umami perfection.

Mini Vegan Thali Quick View
70 mins

Mini Vegan Thali

A smorgasbord: succulent, intense baby aubergines, aromatic kidney bean curry and toasty cumin basmati rice.

Vegan Katsu Quick View
45 mins

Vegan Katsu

Crispy panko-coated aubergine fritters with fluffy rice and a full-bodied, alluringly silky Japanese-style curry sauce.

Sweet & Sour Tofu (vegan) Quick View
30 mins

Sweet & Sour Tofu (vegan)

The iconic Cantonese takeaway favourite, fully plant-based and glazed with Britain's favourite sticky sauce.

Beef Mafe Quick View
40 mins

Beef Mafe

Diced beef in a smooth Senegalese peanut and tomato braise. Profoundly nutty, beefy and bursting with flavour.

Pork Jiaozi Dumplings Quick View
60 mins

Pork Jiaozi Dumplings

We hope these classic, Southern-style savoury jiaozi will be just the beginning of your dumpling adventure.

Lamb Gozleme Quick View
50 mins

Lamb Gozleme

Bake your own thin, lightly charred stuffed flatbread with a hearty lamb filling and a yoghurt dip on the side.

Sri Lankan Lamb & Okra Quick View
60 mins

Sri Lankan Lamb & Okra

Slow-simmered lamb, fragrant with fresh curry leaves, meets silky, delicate okra in this luxurious yet buoyant curry.

Chicken Kapitan Curry Quick View
30 mins

Chicken Kapitan Curry

Chinese and Indian spices meet in this legendarily zesty Malaysian curry, with green beans and jasmine rice.

Vegetable Momos (vegan) Quick View
45 mins

Vegetable Momos (vegan)

Steamed Himalayan dumplings full of curried veg. With tomato chutney & sesame-spicy Nepalese potatoes.

Chicken Pho Quick View
25 mins

Chicken Pho

Clear, fragrant chicken & rice noodle soup with a crisp, bright garnish of Vietnamese herbs and fresh chilli.

Persian Stew with Tahdig Quick View
45 mins

Persian Stew with Tahdig

Crispy-bottomed buttery saffron rice meets a hearty stew of spinach, chickpeas & deeply aromatic black lime.

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