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Aubergine Chermoula

Aubergine Chermoula


Allergens in bold


Cherry Tomatoes




Crushed Garlic (Sulphites) 

Ground Cumin

Ground Coriander


Chilli Flakes

Olive Oil

Vegetable Stock (Celery)

Giant Cous Cous

Green Beans

Coconut Yogurt

Nutritional Information:

Per serving: Energy (kcal) 1104 Fat 77g of which saturates 25g Carbohydrates 95g of which sugars 20g Protein 18g Salt 6.7g

Recipe Description:

Hailing from the Northern countries of Africa - Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, Chermoula or charmoula is an aromatic sauce which doubles as a versatile relish and marinade. Although principally used to flavour seafood, chermoula can also be used with vegetables and meat. Its trademark bright-green appearance effortlessly transmutes any dish it comes into contact with, owing to its vibrancy, earthiness and brightness. We’ve packed ours with zesty lemon, fresh parsley, coriander and ground cumin and paired it alongside oven roasted aubergine and a mint infused couscous for the ultimate flavour experience.

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