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Beef Massaman Curry

Beef Massaman Curry


Allergens in bold




Cinnamon Stick

Star Anise

Massaman Paste (Crustaceans, Fish)

Beef Strips

Lime Leaves

Peanuts (Peanuts)

Coconut Milk

Jasmine Rice

Nutritional Information:

Per serving: Energy (kcal) 2643 Fat 62g of which saturates 36g Carbohydrates 141g of which sugars 22g Protein 63g Salt 2.65g

Recipe Description:

Massaman is an unusual Thai curry, full of dried spices that aren’t typically found in the region’s cuisine, like cinnamon, cloves and star anise. It’s thought that traders from the Middle East and India, bringing luxury ingredients to the cosmopolitan Ayutthaya Kingdom on Thailand’s west coast, are responsible for the curry that literally translates as ‘Muslim curry’. By the 18th century, Massaman was so popular that the then-king of Thailand wrote a poem praising its ‘exciting allure’ that would ‘arouse any man’. We’re not sure about that, but its combination of intricate Thai technique and soothing, aromatic flavour is hard to beat.

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