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Cabbage Manchurian

Cabbage Manchurian


For 2 (For 4)

Ginger: 1 piece (2 pieces)

Garlic: 1 clove (2 cloves)

White Cabbage: 1 (2)

Carrot: 1 (2)

Spring Onions: 1 bunch (2 bunches)

Soy Sauce: 2 pods (4 pods)

Red Chilli Flakes: 1 pod (2 pods)

Crushed Garlic: 1 sachet (2 sachets)

Crushed Ginger: 1 sachet (2 sachets)

Cornflour: 1 pod (2 pods)

Plain Flour: 1 pod (2 pods)

Fresh Green Chilli: 1 (2)

Tomato Purée: 1 can (2 cans)

Honey: 1 pod (2 pods)

Palm Sugar: 1 pod (2 pods)

Rice Wine Vinegar: 1 pod (2 pods)

Egg Noodles: 1 pack (2 packs)

Chilli Sauce: 1 pod (2 pods)

Nutritional Information:

Per serving: Energy (kcal) 537 Fat 5g of which saturates 1g Carbohydrates 109g of which sugars 31g Protein 18g Salt 3.71g

Recipe Description:

Much of ‘Desi-Chinese’ cuisine involves spicing up Chinese dishes with add-ons like garam masala or curry powder. Mumbai’s famous ‘Manchurian’ is arguably a much more bold and eclectic fusion food, focusing on fresh Indian aromatics (green chilli, ginger and garlic) while leaving out the usual dried spices, resulting in an umami-rich soy-based sauce infused with vibrant Indian aromas. No dish travels far in India if it doesn’t cater to vegetarians; these grated vegetable fritters are a popular solution, but we’ve gone further by serving them on top of Hakka noodles for a fun, Desi-Chinese spin on spaghetti and meatballs.

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