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Pan Seared Zahtar Basa Fillet

Pan Seared Zahtar Basa Fillet


Allergens in bold

Green Beans



Fresh Mint

Zahtar Spice Mix (Sesame)

Basa Fillet (Fish)


Vegetable Stock Pot (Celery)

Giant Couscous (Gluten)


Nutritional Information:

Per serving: Energy (kcal) 637 Fat 10g of which saturates 3g Carbohydrates 52g of which sugars 7g Protein 38g Salt 0.33g

Recipe Description:

The shared Mediterranean coastline and cultural and religious ties among the Maghreb (North Africa) and the Levant have caused the Arabic word za’atar to travel far, evolving in meaning wherever it goes. Originally a Lebanese variety of oregano, it has become an umbrella term for various seasoning mixtures, consistently featuring sumac, sesame seeds, salt and some combination of dried herbs. We’ve used it as a simple but effective spice rub that draws out the inherent flavours of fried fish, a characteristic technique of the African Mediterranean all the way from Morocco down to Egypt— a long way for a fish to swim!

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