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The World Food Recipe Box

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Chicken in Saffron Sauce

Chicken in Saffron Sauce


Allergens in bold

Chicken Legs

New Potatoes

Sautéed Onion Paste

Crushed Garlic (sulphur dioxide and sulphites)

Chicken Stock Pot (celery)

Fennel Seeds

Ground Coriander

Ground Cumin

Ground Almonds (tree nuts)

Ground Saffron

Butter (dairy)

Baby Spinach


Cinnamon Stick


Nutritional Information:

Per serving: Energy (kcal) 754 Fat 37g of which saturates 13g Carbohydrates 64g of which sugars 13g Protein 40g Salt 6.03g

Recipe Description:

The oldest recipes in the world were found in Iraq, etched on ancient tablets that detail the festival food prepared in long-ruined temples. Modern Iraqi cuisine still has traces of that ancient legacy, as well as bearing the influence of Turkey, Iran and the Middle East, even as far as India. This saffron-raisin sauce, infused with ground nuts and spices, is a powerful sensory experience typical of the region’s cooking; it might even be considered a rather humble dish! The combination could be cooked in one pot, as a casserole, but we love the interplay between the buttery, full-on sauce and the separate roast chicken and potatoes.

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