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Chicken Musakhan

Chicken Musakhan


Allergens in bold

Chicken Thighs

Cardamom Powder

Ground Cinnamon

Red Onions


Ground Cumin

Naan Bread (Gluten)

Zahtar Spice Blend

Flaked Almonds (Nuts) 


Nutritional Information:

Per serving: Energy (kcal) 761 Fat 29g of which saturates 4g Carbohydrates 85g of which sugars 8g Protein 45g Salt 0.32g

Recipe Description:

Once a rich, rustic treat in the days when chicken was scarce, musakhan is now a perennial Palestinian icon. You don’t have to use olive oil to cook it, but it’s certainly the traditional approach— musakhan tells the story of Palestine, its farming communities and olive trees. The olive harvest is an annual cause for celebration and feasting, with musakhan (‘sakhan’ means ‘to heat’) the preferred way to test the quality of the newly pressed olive oil. If it doesn’t change colour or become bitter when used to caramelise the onions, it passes the test. Then onions and chicken are placed on flatbread and roasted in the oven together.

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