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Cuban Ropa Vieja

Cuban Ropa Vieja


Allergens in bold

Beef Strips


Crushed Garlic (Sulphites)

Dried Oregano

Ground Cumin


Chicken Stock Pot (Celery)

Chopped Tomatoes



Green Pepper

Basmati Rice


Nutritional Information:

Per serving: Energy (kcal) 773 Fat 26g of which saturates 8g Carbohydrates 88g of which sugars 9g Protein 45g Salt 2.73g

Recipe Description:

It may not sound so tasty, given that ropa vieja is Spanish for ‘old clothes’, but this dish is beloved across Cuba and the Caribbean. The name probably refers to the way the meat starts to fall apart as it tenderises during the braising process, although there’s a charming bit of folklore about a poor man who was so desperate to provide food for his family that he stewed some rags in his cooking pot; praying over them, he found that they had miraculously turned into beef. The Spanish influence on Cuban cuisine can be seen here, with ingredients like oregano and especially olives, which provide a fruity, piquant note to this hearty dish.

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