Gyudon with Lotus Root Crisps

Recipe Description:

Japanese cuisine is full of abbreviations— ‘don’ refers to ‘donburi’, a meal of rice served in a bowl together with a topping of prepared ingredients. Originating as a quick, convenient way to serve Japanese workers in the 19th century, donburi caught on nationwide, and now many of Japan’s most iconic dishes, from sushi to tempura, can be found as -don toppings. Gyu-don (‘beef bowl’), a Western-inspired stew, is the signature dish of some of Japan’s most popular fast food chains. Yet its purest, heartiest incarnation is simple and home cooked, with thin slices of beef and onion leaking flavour into the simmering broth.

  • Preparation time:

    For 2 - 30 minsFor 4 - 40 mins
  • Cooking time:

    For 2 - 40 minsFor 4 - 55 mins

    Nutritional Information:

    Per serving: Energy (kcal) 641 Fat 17g of which saturates 7g Carbohydrates 77g of which sugars 7g Protein 40g Salt 2.92g

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    For 2 (For 4)

    Onion: 1 (2)

    Lotus Roots: ½ can (1 can)

    Spring Onions: 1 bunch (2 bunches)

    Carrot: 1 (2 )

    Ginger: 1 piece (2 pieces)

    Miso Paste: 1 pod (2 pods)

    Soy Sauce: 1 pod (2 pods)

    Rice Wine Vinegar: 1½ pods (3 pods)

    Beef Strips: 1 pack (2 packs)

    Sushi Rice: 1 pack (2 packs)

    Red Chilli Flakes: ½ pod (½ pod)

    Pickled Ginger: 1 pack (2 packs)