Ginger Chicken

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For 2 (For 4)

Ginger: 1 piece (2 pieces)

Red Chilli Flakes: 1 pod (2 pods)

Soy Sauce: 1 pod (2 pods)

Cornflour: 1 pod (2 pods)

Diced Chicken Breast: 1 pack (2 packs)

Onion: 1 (2)

Carrot: 1 (2)

Lotus Roots: ½ can (1 can)

Edamame Beans: 1 bag (2 bags)

Sesame oil: 2 pods (4 pods)

Jasmine Rice: 1 bag (2 bags)

Coriander: 1 bunch (2 bunches)



Nutritional Information:

Per serving: Energy (kcal) 1025 Fat 25g of which saturates 2g Carbohydrates 128g of which sugars 15g Protein 72g Salt 4.03g

Recipe Description:

The starchy stem of the sacred lotus plant is popular as a vegetable in China and Japan, both for its celery-like crunch and down-to-earth sweetness, and also the uniquely attractive pattern of holes running through it. Sliced, its floral prettiness lends itself equally well to pickles, garnishes, clear broths and stir fries. Our ginger and soy marinade is typically Japanese - understated and clean-tasting, not too spicy or herby, bringing the essential flavours of the chicken and lotus root to the foreground where they belong.

  • Preparation time:

    For 2 - 30 minsFor 4 - 35 mins
  • Cooking time:

    For 2 - 35 minsFor 4 - 40 mins