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Hunan Pork & Aubergine

Hunan Pork & Aubergine


Allergens in bold

Pork Belly

Red Chilli

Spring Onion


Chicken Stock Pot (Celery)

Crushed Ginger (Sulphites)

Crushed Garlic (Sulphites)

Jasmine Rice

Soy Sauce (Gluten, Soya)

Red Chilli Flakes

Chiu Chow Chilli Oil

Chinkiang Vinegar

Nutritional Information:

Per serving: Energy (kcal) 894 Fat 38g of which saturates 12g Carbohydrates 100g of which sugars 18g Protein 43g Salt 7.23g 

Recipe Description:

“In Sichuan, they’re not afraid of spice. In Guizhou, they like it. In Hunan, they’re afraid if it isn’t there.” This popular Chinese joke isn’t wrong; while all three of these regions’ cuisines contain plenty of chilli, Hunanese food often uses a range of chilli preparations in a single dish, creating layers of chilli flavour and unmitigated heat, without all of that numbing Sichuan pepper to balance it. This tender braised pork belly and aubergine is just the tip of the iceberg, uniting the crisp bite of fresh chilli with the dry, peppery heat of flakes and the smoky, savoury aroma of chilli oil. This is a recipe for true chilli lovers only!

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