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Malaysian Lamb Stir Fry

Malaysian Lamb Stir Fry


Allergens in bold


Red Pepper

Green Pepper

Red Chilli


Chicken Stock Pot (celery)

Lamb Strips

Crushed Ginger (sulphur dioxide and sulphites)

Crushed Garlic (sulphur dioxide and sulphites)

Desiccated Coconut (sulphur dioxide and sulphites)

Basmati Rice

Kecap Manis (soya)

Chiu Chow Chilli Oil

Crispy Fried Onions (gluten)

Nutritional Information:

Per serving: Energy (kcal) 727 Fat 19g of which saturates 6g Carbohydrates 98g of which sugars 17g Protein 44g Salt 3.6g

Recipe Description:

Malaysian and Singaporean cuisine is so dizzyingly diverse that a casual meal can start to feel like peeling back layers of history and colonisation, encountering Thai flavours, Chinese techniques, Indian aromas, and traces of both Western and Middle Eastern influence among the fragrancy and punch of local Malay cuisine. This succulent lamb is an example of how southern Chinese-style cooking has become richer and spicier in its Malaysian incarnation— sweeter, darker kecap manis takes soy sauce’s place, while a garnish of toasted coconut, crispy onions and smoky chilli oil offers an unforgettable first impression before the first bite

  • Preparation time

    For 2 - 25 mins For 4 - 35 mins
  • Cooking time

    For 2 - 45 mins For 4 - 55 mins

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