Mini Vegan Thali

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For 2 (For 4)

Baby Aubergines: 1 pack (2 packs)

Maris Piper Potatoes: 2 (3)

Savoury Tarka Blend: 1 pod (1 pod)

Aromatic Spice Blend: 1 pod (1 pod)

Cumin Seeds: 1 pod (1 pod)

Basmati Rice: 1 bag (2 bags)

Onion Paste: 1 sachet (2 sachets)

Tomato Paste: 2 sachets (4 sachets)

Red Kidney Beans: 1 tin (2 tins)

Palm Sugar : 1 pod (2 pods)

Savoury Tarka Blend: 1 pod (1 pod)

Crackle and Sizzle Blend: 1 pod (1 pod)

Aromatic Spice Blend: 1 pod (1 pod)

Coconut Milk Can: 200ml (400ml)

Coriander: 1 bunch (1 bunch)

Garam Masala: 1 pod (1 pod)

Nutritional Information:

Per serving: Energy (kcal) 1076 kcal Fat 40g of which saturates 20g Carbohydrates 138g of which sugars 35g Protein 44g Salt 9.54g

Please note our recipes are packed in a facility that handles celery, crustaceans, fish, gluten, milk, molluscs, mustard, nuts, peanuts, sesame, soya & sulphites.

Recipe Description:

A ‘thali’ is a traditional meal of various small dishes placed on a metal serving platter of the same name. Our showcase involves the extra-intense flavour of baby aubergine exploding out of a nutty, spicy sauce; toasty cumin seeds mixed into fluffy basmati; and rajma aloo, a full-bodied, aromatic kidney bean curry popular in Nepal and Northern India. 

  • Preparation time:

    For 2 - 40 minsFor 4 - 50 mins
  • Cooking time:

    For 2 - 70 minsFor 4 - 70 mins