Paneer Makhani (veggie)

Recipe Description:

Named for the dairy-enriched tomato sauce at its heart, you’ve surely seen this Punjabi curry in one of its disguises— as tikka masala or ‘butter paneer’, perhaps. It’s all linked by North Indian cuisine’s traditional use of spices, milk and acidic tomatoes to moisten and preserve cooked meats, but according to some, makhani itself was invented in a flash of inspiration by a single chef at Delhi’s iconic Moti Mahal restaurant, stirring butter and tomatoes with leftover tandoori chicken. What’s certain is that during the 1960s, Moti Mahal’s creations took Punjabi food worldwide, with everyone from Indira Gandhi to John F. Kennedy dining there.

  • Preparation time:

    For 2 - 25 minsFor 4 - 35 mins
  • Cooking time:

    For 2 - 30 minsFor 4 - 45 mins

    Nutritional Information:

    Energy (kcal) 1484      Fat 61g of which saturates 35g      Carbohydrates 192g of which sugars 18g      Protein 50g      Salt 1.29g

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    For 2 (For 4)

    Ginger Puree: 1 sachet (2 sachets)

    Garlic Puree: 1 sachet (2 sachets)

    Green Chilli Puree: 1 sachet (2 sachets)

    Garam Masala: 2 pods (4 pods)

    Paneer: 1 block (2 blocks)

    Fresh Coriander: 1 bunch (2 bunches)

    Crackle & Sizzle Tarka Blend: 1 sachet (2 sachets)

    Onion Puree: 1 sachet (2 sachets)

    Smoky Spice Blend: 1 pod (2 pods)

    Tomato Paste: 1 sachet (2 sachets)

    Single Cream: 150ml (300ml)

    Honey: 1 pod (2 pods)

    Butter: 1 tbsp (2 tbsp)

    Naan Breads: 1 pack (1 pack)