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Pilli Pilli Chicken Wings

Pilli Pilli Chicken Wings


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Chicken Wings

Pilli Pilli Spice Blend

Butternut Squash

Dhana Jeeru Mix



Natural Yoghurt (Dairy)

Nutritional Information:

Energy 536 kcal | Fat 38g, of which saturates 8g | Carbohydrates 42g, of which sugars 8g| Protein 38g | Salt 1.49

Recipe Description:

Pilli pilli or ‘peri-peri’ (the Swahili word for pepper, repeated for emphasis) marinade tells a complicated story about the transport and cultivation of Caribbean chillies between Portugal, Africa (mainly Mozambique) and the west coast of India, from Gujarat down to Goa. While the peri-peri chilli is mainly grown in Africa, and the chicken marinade is originally Portuguese, Indian chefs have made it their own, adding fragrant garam masala to the marinade. Whole butternut squash, roasted or grilled, is classically South African— the epicentre of today’s peri-peri craze and home to the largest Indian community outside India.

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