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Prawn Avocado Sushi Rolls

Prawn Avocado Sushi Rolls


Allergens in bold

Sushi Rice

Sesame Seeds (Sesame)

Prawns (Crustaceans)


Rice Vinegar



Mayonnaise (Eggs, Mustard)

Soy Sauce (Gluten, Soya)

Pickled Ginger

Seaweed sheets

Nutritional Information:

Per serving: Energy (kcal) 1087 Fat 43g of which saturates 7g Carbohydrates 85g of which sugars 11g Protein 75g Salt 4.09g

Recipe Description: 

While Japan is certainly the sushi capital of the world - and responsible for introducing the dish to travellers - sushi traces back to the second century BC in the paddy fields alongside the Mekong river. Sushi began as a fish preservation technique. It was believed that rice encouraged the fish to ferment. However, the rice was typically thrown out once the fish finished fermenting and was ready to eat. This earliest form of sushi was called narezushi. In 1824, a chef called Hanaya Yohei changed the world of sushi forever. He found that instead of throwing out the rice once the fish was ready, it could be tossed with a splash of rice wine vinegar and eaten. Thus, nigiri was born - and the history of sushi as we know in Japan began. Enjoy our prawn and avocado sushi with a tangy yet fiery sriracha mayo.

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