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Prawn Jambalaya

Prawn Jambalaya


Allergens in bold


Basmati Rice

Chilli Powder

Ground Cumin

Chopped Tomatoes

Vegetable Stock Pot (Celery)

Yellow Pepper

Crushed Garlic (Sulphites)


Prawns (Crustaceans)


Smoked Paprika

Dried Oregano



Nutritional Information:

Per serving: Energy (kcal) 530 Fat 5g of which saturates 1g Carbohydrates 74g of which sugars 12g Protein 41g Salt 3.37g

Recipe Description:

While the ingredients and flavours used are strongly reminiscent of other classic Louisiana dishes like gumbo and étouffée, jambalaya is a rice dish, with the rice absorbing all the flavour of the tomatoes, spices and aromatics as it cooks. Some believe that it was Spanish cooks in New Orleans who invented jambalaya, trying to recreate paella and swapping the saffron for tomatoes to provide a similar burst of colour; but it bears just as much resemblance to West African jollof rice, and in fact it’s thanks to West African ingenuity that rice began to be cultivated in the Deep South.

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