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Punjabi Thali

Punjabi Thali


Allergens in bold

Cumin Seeds

Crushed Garlic (Sulphites)

Crushed Ginger (Sulphites)

Diced Chicken Thigh

Smoky Blend

Tomato Passata

Sautéed Onion Paste



Cinnamon Stick

Kicking Colour Blend



Garam Masala

Fenugreek Seeds

Roti Bread (Gluten)

Baby Spinach

Nutritional Information:

Per serving: Energy (kcal) 857 Fat 32g of which saturates 7g Carbohydrates 83g of which sugars 14g Protein 58g Salt 1.61g

Recipe Description:

A ‘thali’ is a traditional meal of various small dishes placed on a metal serving platter of the same name. The aim is not just to show off a cook’s best dishes, but to offer a sensitively curated balance and full variety of flavours and textures, served up to each diner individually to enjoy at their leisure. This mini thali shows off some of the more humble, home-style Punjabi dishes, from a nutty, spice-layered chickpea masala to a warming and wholesome chicken & spinach curry. And of course, no thali trio from the 'breadbasket of India' would be complete without roti.

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