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Rigatoni alla Norma

Rigatoni alla Norma


Allergens in bold



Crushed Garlic (Sulphites)


Tomato Passata


Chilli Flakes

Rigatoni (Gluten)

Feta (Milk)

Nutritional Information:

Per serving: Energy (kcal) 188 Fat 2.4g of which saturates 0.2g Carbohydrates 38.1g of which sugars 22.9g Protein 5.6g Salt 0.7g

Recipe Description:

This Sicilian pasta dish of aubergines, tomatoes and basil is named after an opera, as it was said to be even more of a masterpiece. The recipe showcases aubergines, brought to the south of Italy by Arab trade routes, and delivers the robust, rustic flavours associated with the region. We’re using feta cheese to top your pasta here for a savoury kick, in place of the traditional ricotta salata - a pressed, salted and aged version of the soft cheese. This meal does what so many Italian dishes do best - celebrates its fresh ingredients with elegant simplicity.

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