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Sri Lankan Lamb Curry

Sri Lankan Lamb Curry


Allergens in bold

Garlic clove


Crack and Sizzle Tarka Spice Blend

Diced Leg of Lamb

Green Chilli Paste

Aromatic Spice Blend

Basmati Rice

Onion Paste

Tomato Puree 

Nutritional Information:

Energy 1019 kcal | Fat 62g, of which saturates 10g | Carbohydrates 74g, of which sugars 3g | Protein 41g | Salt 0.09g

Recipe Description:

Despite being a uniquely biodiverse island nation, Sri Lankan cuisine tends to rely on many of the same ingredients as its nearest neighbours, India and Indonesia. What’s distinctive is the way that Sri Lankans channel their multicultural array of influences into an eclectic yet comfortingly streamlined cooking style. This curry is a great example, spicy and fragrant yet retaining the integrity of its meaty main flavours. Lamb is fried in aromatic oil before slow simmering turns its savoury juices into a sauce base. Coconut milk is stirred through near the end, providing a tropical, almost fruity creaminess to the finished dish.

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