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Tamil Spiced Lamb

Tamil Spiced Lamb


Allergens in bold

Green Chilli

Crushed Ginger

Crushed Garlic

Lamb Mince

Whole Dhana Jeeru

Fennel Seeds


Mustard Seeds

Baby Spinach

Desiccated Coconut

Red Chilli Flakes

Fresh Curry Leaf


Sauteéd Onion Paste



Nutritional Information:

Per serving: Energy (kcal) 1490 Fat 82g of which saturates 39g Carbohydrates 140g of which sugars 17g Protein 53g Salt 2.26g

Recipe Description:

Tamil is the language that gave the world the word Kari, and therefore the entire concept of curry. But you might not recognise many of the kari dishes from this part of South India, and these days kari actually refers to 'flesh' (whether animal or vegetable) rather than sauce. This dish, also known as kottu kari kuzhambu ('minced meat in sauce') is a typical example. It's dryer and less creamy that a typical curry, with all of the spices freshly toasted and then crushed to provide a darker, more intense aroma— incidentally, coffee drinking is an important part of Tamil culture!

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