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Tandoori Chicken Breast

Tandoori Chicken Breast


Allergens in bold

Tandoori Paste

Sautéed Onion Paste

Chicken Breasts

Sweet Potato

Baby Spinach

Mustard Seeds (Mustard)

Sweet Tomato & Chilli Chutney

Nutritional Information:

Energy (kcal) 497 Fat 16g of which saturates 2g Carbohydrates 55g of which sugars 6g Protein 33g Salt 1.24

Recipe Description:

When Pakistan and India were divided, many Punjabi Hindus and Sikhs had to cross the border and resettle in cities like Delhi. The resulting success of Punjabi restaurants and their tandoors in the new India’s capital brought this classic chicken dish to worldwide attention. A tandoor oven can get twice as hot as the one in your kitchen, but either will bring these red-orange hued marinated chicken breasts to perfect succulence. We love the chicken matching colours with our mustardy sweet potato mash, complemented by the ruby chutney and contrasted by the bright green spinach: a thoroughly modern work of Indian culinary art.

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