Vegan Feijoada


Instructions: For 2 (For 4)

Vegetable Stock Pot: 1 (2)

Sweet Potato: 1 small (1 large)

Red Pepper: 1 (2)

Smoked Paprika: 1 pod (2 pods)

Basmati Rice: 1 bag (2 bags)

Onion: 1 (2)

Courgette: 1 (2)

Thyme: 1/2 bunch (1 bunch)

Panko Breadcrumbs: 1/2 pod (1 pod)

Crushed Garlic:  1 sachet (2 sachets)

Dried Bay Leaf: 1 (2)

Black Beans: 1 can (2 cans)

Tomato: 1 (2)

Green Chilli: 1 (2)

Coriander: 1/2 bunch (1 bunch)

Lime: 1 (2) 

Nutritional Information:

Per serving: Energy (kcal) 607 Fat 6g of which saturates 1g Carbohydrates 107g of which sugars 12g Protein 28g Salt 3.51g

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Recipe Description:

You can find black beans served on rice all over America and the Caribbean, but only one country proudly boasts feijoada (pronounced 'fezsh-wa-duh') as its national dish. This may be a liberal adaptation of the Brazilian classic (it's usually anything but meat-free) but the vegetable topping at the end is inspired by the feijoadas made on Brazil's northeast coast. A good feijoada is not so much a recipe as the instruction manual for a complete feast; all sorts of toppings and salsas become a possibility when a potful of feijoada is in play, providing a colourful counterpoint to the dish's smoky, thick, dark and deliciously bean-enriched broth. 

  • Preparation time:

    For 2 - 45 minsFor 4 - 55 mins
  • Cooking time:

    For 2 - 44 minsFor 4 - 55 mins