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Rare and specialist ingredients you might not have ever seen before. Everything’s pre-measured, so you get exactly what you need in the recipe.

Authentic recipes inspired by diverse regional cuisines and developed by expert chefs. Straightforward instructions with no specialist equipment needed.

Bespoke spice blends and all-natural pre-prepared ingredients— you’ll be cooking like a local in no time.

Environmentally friendly packaging & insulation. Your ingredients stay fresh, cool and ready to use right out of the box.

If you're not home for a delivery, don't worry! We'll leave your box somewhere safe and the contents will still be fresh on your return.

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No compromises, all flavour

We’re here to show you that great, authentic Asian food can be simple, and you don’t need any specialised equipment or fancy kitchen doodads. All you need for our recipes are the basic pans and utensils you already own.

But simple doesn’t mean simplified. When we develop a recipe, we’ll make sure it involves all the ingredients needed to deliver the full experience we promised you, with nothing watered down or compromised. Good food isn’t there to look pretty, it’s there to provide a satisfying, nutritious meal with the flavour to match.

something for everyone

Our recipes come from many different regions and cultures, with a variety of star ingredients to match. Our huge array of vegan recipes are all rooted in the East’s long history of plant-based cooking, so we don’t use processed meat substitutes— they’re simply unnecessary when we have access to so many great traditional plant-based proteins.

We want you to explore all these new flavours at a pace that feels comfortable for you. Each week, we make sure that more familiar recipes share space with some you might not have seen before. Whatever the recipe, when we create our version, we keep refining it until it’s the best we’ve ever tasted.

The Established Experts

As the owners of Red Rickshaw, the UK’s largest online Asian market, we’ve got unique access to more hard-to-find ingredients than you can imagine.

We’re always meeting new challenges from cooks who demand the real deal: Michelin starred restaurants, street food stalls, passionate amateurs— they all look to us to supply them with what they need.

Now we're spreading all this love and knowledge far and wide, making the very best Eastern cuisine accessible to everyone in their own homes.

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